I have fallen so far from you that even the Devil pities me.     Share This

A thin silver cord

Your love is the river flowing from Eden and I am denied access Guarded by your inner demons Holding me at your will Your knife sharp at my throat A sacrifice for your gods The same gods you scream for in your bed Our alter Praying to no one Preying on my heart Stabbing me deep in my soul As I fall away Spiraling into the great abyss Darkness surrounding me Falling Falling as hard as I fell for you Alone to ponder how deep I am still sinking Loneliness is it’s own hell Stripped away from the hands of the ones I love The ones I hold dear As you sit upon your high pale horse Holding the rope just out of reach The same rope I’ll hang from when the Crone finds me The same rope that held us tight Like a thin silver cord attached to our astral selves I hope...


Her soul talks to my soul Conversations as soft kisses Leading me Teaching me Like city lights flickering over lonely rivers She reaches parts of me that remain hidden in the dark and I follow her light Shimmering like starlight Glowing like the moon Loving like an endless ocean Following the waves of her body Following the call of her inner demons On the wings of a black bird Carried by the winds of her breath Resting my weary head on her breast Resting in her arms Carried on the wings of a black bird Carried by the dreams of oceans waves singing me to sleep Twitter and Instagram: @tanisjustice Share...


Shadows, like memories, fade with the light of the sun Love covers them completely Living in the shadows The memories keep you tied to fear and pain I choose to live in the rising sun Twitter and Instagram: @tanisjustice Share...


  I found truth in all the lies The lies you told me The lies you tell everyone else …but you can only lie to yourself for so long Your story starts there Try telling the truth Watch it set you free Twitter and Instagram: @tanisjustice Share This

Hate you? I can’t…

I don’t hate you I can’t Hating you means that you have a place in my heart …and you don’t Instagram and Twitter: @tanisjustice Share This

Blue Pinwheels 

When I walk into the gym in the morning I usually don’t notice anything. Most mornings, especially when it’s cold, I have my hood pulled up and walk through the parking lot unaware of anything around me except the other 5amers. Today as I walked out I felt the cold wind on my face. I stopped to marvel in the excitement of being alive and then I heard something strange. I looked to my left and then to my right finding blue pinwheels masquerading as flowers as far as the eye could see. Share This